A Better Way To ‘Walk’

2020-07-21T21:58:20+00:00 By |Tags: , , |

Perhaps the best known negotiation tactic of all is to threaten simply to walk away — but the drawbacks for the deal and your reputation can be massive. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps much of the tactic's value in place. You've likely encountered this tactic before, in any number of basic variations; it can come in the form of a statement ("$500 is my final offer"), a subtle facial expression or finality in the tone of the voice, or even a literal walk-away from a street market vendor. Whatever the exact implementation, the basic premise is simple and easy to understand. One party judges that the other will take a deal and decides to force their hand, by implicitly or directly threatening to walk away from the negotiation entirely unless a deal (their deal) is settled right there and then. If the other party caves, great — they won! But [...]

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