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In the world of concessions and compromise, you may not achieve all that you want in a negotiation. Or, if you do, it may come at the expense of your counterpart. To keep a healthy business relationship, how can we maximise parties' post-negotiation impressions of each other?  Negotiators come to the table with goals. There are stakes involved, and possible promotions or demotions on the line. As much as we seek to remain as objective as possible, our humanness inevitably becomes tied up in the outcomes we seek. As such, our stumbles tend feel more injurious and our wins more glorious in these environments. This emotive reaction to score-keeping does not sweep by in its pain or pleasure: it will set the tone of future interactions you have with those same people. As important as a first impression, which anchors our attitude towards a new acquaintance, is the last impression. [...]

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