What Trump Means For The Female Negotiator

2020-07-21T21:51:43+00:00 By |Tags: , , |

Donald Trump has made it no secret that his approach to any negotiation is to win at all costs. Aggressive positioning and zero-sum strategy are central to this. But has his style really made it harder for negotiating women?  Short answer: yes. There are two major ways this manifests. First, in specific policy changes. Under Trump, equal pay regulations have been scrapped, funding for birth control has been cut, and only male chief executives have been appointed by Trump to the Women in the Workplace panel. The seemingly most powerful leader in the democratic world has promoted a consistent position against women's issues. On these topics specifically, American women now have to push harder than before when negotiating their pay, the rights of their bodies, and fair treatment in their places of work. Second, in general influence effects. Men in positions of power have two prominent narratives weighing on their [...]

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