A Better Way To ‘Walk’

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Perhaps the best known negotiation tactic of all is to threaten simply to walk away — but the drawbacks for the deal and your reputation can be massive. Fortunately, there is a solution that keeps much of the tactic's value in place. You've likely encountered this tactic before, in any number of basic variations; it can come in the form of a statement ("$500 is my final offer"), a subtle facial expression or finality in the tone of the voice, or even a literal walk-away from a street market vendor. Whatever the exact implementation, the basic premise is simple and easy to understand. One party judges that the other will take a deal and decides to force their hand, by implicitly or directly threatening to walk away from the negotiation entirely unless a deal (their deal) is settled right there and then. If the other party caves, great — they won! But [...]

More Than Meets The Eye

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"Both sides had said they hoped to avoid a legal battle. Given that Samsung is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, the companies had a strong incentive to move beyond their dispute and build on their ongoing partnership. Yet the two-day mediated talks between the CEOs in late May ended in impasse, with both sides refusing to back down from their arguments." The 2011 legal battle between Apple and Samsung just keeps on giving to those learning negotiation. Two key thoughts for today: If you asked 100 people about the relationship between Apple and Samsung, probably all 100 would describe them as technological competitors. This is certainly true, and yet Samsung is also a major supplier to Apple, and they have a vested interest in working together. Even seemingly clear-cut negotiations or relationships very often have more to them than meets the eye. Incredibly strong relationships and incentives to work together [...]

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