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Today’s educators seem to face an impossible task — that of priming their students for success in an increasingly dynamic, globalised, and unpredictable world. Technologies of today may be completely irrelevant within a decade, and the concept of a ‘safe’ industry or employment sector is now borderline laughable. Academic education will still continue to be critical for basic comprehension and navigation of this world, but it must be supplemented with practical life skills. Among these skills, the ability to negotiate with others and seize opportunities without sacrificing your ethics is simply unrivalled in value.

Envoy is built on years of experience in educating students, both in high school and university. We have ourselves excelled across multiple student extracurricular activities (notably Model UN, debating, and public speaking), and subsequently trained other students to find similar success. Across institutions, we have been overjoyed to find that students genuinely and passionately engage with our workshops; the pragmatism and universal applicability of negotiation training makes it an exciting subject for young adults, and a welcome break from more traditional study.

We believe that every student should have a solid grounding in negotiation, and especially the creation of win-win outcomes. It is a highly valuable skillset in any area of education (from getting along with others in the playground, to university group projects and interviews), and an essential skillset outside it (whether finding a new place to live, or scoring your first graduate job). Talk to us today about how we can help give your students a competitive edge with our negotiation workshops.

Standard Offerings

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We are also able to build new services (workshops, lectures, simulations, etc.) to precisely suit your students. In most cases, customization comes at no extra cost. If you would like more information about our standard offerings, or wish to discuss a more personalised program, please contact us using the form below!

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Our Guarantee

We are incredibly confident in all our training programs, but we also know that learning takes time and reinforcement. That’s why we back all our services with a 30-day follow-up consulting guarantee — for a full month after any training session, our participants can email us with further questions, and we will provide up to 5,000 words (across all participants) of free negotiation consulting in return.

This guarantee is especially valuable for those who wish to start applying the lessons in our workshops right away, and want extra feedback on their preparation before they put it to the test!


We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for callouts of any length:

Brisbane, QLD
Gold Coast, QLD

We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for a minimum 2-day callout:

Sydney, NSW
Melbourne, VIC

Are you an experienced negotiator or graduate in Law, Business, or Marketing?

Contact or use the form below to inquire about potential careers with Envoy Negotiation! Please attach your experience and qualifications, desired training locations, and whether you would be willing to travel to our Head Office (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) for initiation and training.

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