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Corporate Training

Almost all companies depend on successful interaction with other people — clients, employees, suppliers, officials, and so forth. Businesses unite some of these people towards the production of a product or service, and then persuade others to purchase it. In a very real sense, each and every one of these interactions constitutes an exercise in negotiation. Our organisations trade certain resources (wages, products, employee benefits) for others (time, revenue, employee loyalty) and hope to direct all these trades towards a common purpose. Indeed, our ability to define a common purpose for our business depends on our capacity to subsequently convince staff to follow that same vision.

At Envoy, we believe that whether you are a high-profile CEO or a casual shift worker, you can benefit from specialised training in corporate negotiation. The basic skillset of learning how to listen to others, determine what they want, and figure out how to provide it is simply too universal to neglect. It has the ability to transform sales figures, facilitate staff communication and decision-making, and secure better terms for necessary supplies and licenses. Without the ability to persuade others to help you, your new venture may never come to fruition. With this ability, however… the sky is the limit.

Our corporate training focuses on passing on these skills to your employees, contractors, and management itself. We know the corporate world is fast-paced, so we build our services with an even greater emphasis on real-world application than normal. Above all, we deliver practical exercises that will help you actually internalise the training, because you don’t have time to refer back to a business book each time a negotiation starts! Talk to us today about how we can help give your company or organisation a competitive edge with our negotiation workshops.

Standard Offerings

We are also able to build new services — workshops, lectures, simulations, etc. — to precisely suit your needs. If you would like more information about our standard offerings, or wish to discuss a more personalised program, please contact us using the form below!

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Our Guarantee

We are incredibly confident in all our training programs, but we also know that learning takes time and reinforcement. That’s why we back all our services with a 30-day follow-up consulting guarantee — for a full month after any training session, our participants can email us with further questions, and we will provide up to 5,000 words (across all participants) of free negotiation consulting in return.

This guarantee is especially valuable for those who wish to start applying the lessons in our workshops right away, and want extra feedback on their preparation before they put it to the test!


We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for callouts of any length:

Brisbane, QLD
Gold Coast, QLD

We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for a minimum 2-day callout:

Sydney, NSW
Melbourne, VIC

Are you an experienced negotiator or graduate in Law, Business, or Marketing?

Contact or use the form below to inquire about potential careers with Envoy Negotiation! Please attach your experience and qualifications, desired training locations, and whether you would be willing to travel to our Head Office (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) for initiation and training.

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