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Here at Envoy, we believe that a great company is simply a vehicle to keep delivering products and services that its founders were already passionate about. Our story begins with our premier negotiation workshops, which fuse leading business negotiation theory with our practical learning across a wide range of contexts — from conference organisation and financial deal-making, to university debating and Model United Nations. Even as we trained hundreds of university students in these skills, we realised our audience could grow even further… and Envoy Negotiation was born. These workshops remain our core competency and value offering to this day.

If anything sets our workshops apart, it is our emphasis on synthesising and streamlining content to a world-class standard. It might look impressive to dump hundreds of negotiaton tactics into a slideshow and rattle through them, but this is rarely useful. We take the time to refine everything we teach into clear ideas and frameworks, to ensure that you actually retain the lessons and can apply them in the real world — where it counts. Similarly, we build workshop exercises that will actively challenge you, and give new depth to theory.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs. If your organisation has specific training requirements (or you already possess some negotiation education), Envoy can tailor a workshop, lecture, or other presentation to your desires. Alternatively, our ‘stock’ offerings have already been refined for you over years of practice and prior delivery, and constitute the most well-rounded training we have to offer. Whatever you want to get out of life, Envoy is here to help you get it.



We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for callouts of any length:

Brisbane, QLD
Gold Coast, QLD

We currently offer negotiation workshops, lectures, and coaching in the following regions, for a minimum 2-day callout:

Sydney, NSW
Melbourne, VIC

Are you an experienced negotiator or graduate in Law, Business, or Marketing?

Contact or use the form below to inquire about potential careers with Envoy Negotiation! Please attach your experience and qualifications, desired training locations, and whether you would be willing to travel to our Head Office (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) for initiation and training.

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