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1405, 2019

Negotiation Lessons from Brexit So Far

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Negotiation is both wildly unpredictable and formulaically predictable. In other words, it is the complex product of reactive behaviour and meticulous strategy. Brexit, the hot topic that pops in and out of our headlines and minds, embodies this dichotomy. So let’s check in with the lessons Brexit has taught us so far for our own negotiations. […]

603, 2019

Jirga: Traditional Dispute Resolution in Afghanistan

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Commonwealth systems of dispute resolution are so pervasive we sometimes overlook unique local considerations of the issue. Tradition and culture underpin our worldview and actions in every aspect of life. So why do negotiators so often try to apply a standard model to disputes in distinctive international environments?  […]

2002, 2019

Pre-suasion: Strategic Precedent Setting for Negotiations

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How do we maximise our chances that our ideas will be received favourably? Entering into an unknown environment with an unknown counterpart can leave our intrinsically strong arguments to fall apart in the midst of a negotiation. To ensure we are prepared in in control of any negotiation situation, we can learn the art of  ‘pre-suasion’. […]

1111, 2018

Are You Double Counting Issues?

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If one of your priorities in a negotiation also impacts a second priority, chances are that you are currently overvaluing the first priority without knowing it. Let's look at how this might arise through an example — imagine you are a politician, weighing up whether or not you should accept a renegotiated bill on healthcare. You have a long list of issues to concern yourself with, but among those are: Cost to Taxpayers, Effective Coverage for the Poor, and Voter Popularity. When evaluating how the deal scores along each of those criteria, it can be extremely easy to fall into the subtle trap of letting the Cost to Taxpayers and Effective Coverage for the Poor scores heavily influence the score you give to Voter Popularity. After all, voters won't love footing an expensive bill, and they surely won't want a bill that only helps the rich... right? This train of [...]

506, 2018

Powering Through Distrust

We don’t always have the luxury of building negotiations on a platform of mutual trust and respect — and sometimes you’ll need to reach agreement in a climate of outright hostility. While your ability to build trust will improve with your development as a negotiator, this also can lead you even further into antagonistic situations, as others bring you in to defuse volatile situations. So how can we power through this distrust to reach constructive agreements? […]

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