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Negotiation is always best learned in person, for immediate feedback from an experienced consultant and deep internalisation of the training. Additionally, the subject of the negotiation is so broad and rich that it’s virtually impossible to ever run out of new lessons or content.

That’s why, at Envoy Negotiation, we’re confident enough to give away our world-class written analysis and insight for 100% free, through our two online blogs. The Analysis feed collects our more extensive essays for those wishing to seriously unpack every concept, while the Bite-Size feed provides shorter, punchier insights that work best as a catalyst for your own thinking and development as a negotiator.

We don’t hold anything back, either — everything we know about negotiation is fair game for an article, no matter how ‘exclusive’ we would like to make it for marketing purposes. At the end of the day, Envoy is fundamentally a vehicle for us to help make the world a better place, and teach people how to get along together and lead better lives. That means pushing ourselves to always produce new and better content… not carefully protecting it so our premium products and services can rest on their figurative laurels.

Whoever you are, and whatever you want to learn about negotiation… we hope you can find it here in the Envoy archives.


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