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Kim Jong-Un and Signalling

2018-06-09T08:29:21+00:00 By |Tags: , |

"Even if it fails... meeting a serving US president would still be hugely beneficial to Pyongyang as a means of strengthening Kim’s domestic and international position..." Not all negotiations are meant to succeed — and not every negotiator's goal is to get the best deal possible from the person across the table. Savvy leaders also use negotiations to send signals, gather information, or provoke emotional reactions from third parties. With thanks to: The Lowy Institute

Don’t Be Suprised

2018-06-09T08:34:31+00:00 By |Tags: , |

"Spend at least twice as much time preparing... as you expect to spend at the table." The #1 emotional sign that a negotiation has gotten the best of you isn't anger or disappointment — it's surprise. Most people don't behave erratically or without reason. They make the most rational decisions they can with the information available to them, and sometimes even signal their intentions beforehand. If the success or failure of a negotiation is going to impact you for years to come (even if the deal is as small as choosing one used car over another), why wouldn't you invest at least two hours of your time researching and preparing for the negotiation? With thanks to: The Harvard Program on Negotiation

Powering Through Distrust

2018-06-08T16:43:52+00:00 By |

We don’t always have the luxury of building negotiations on a platform of mutual trust and respect — and sometimes you’ll need to reach agreement in a climate of outright hostility. While your ability to build trust will improve with your development as a negotiator, this also can lead you even further into antagonistic situations, as others bring you in to defuse volatile situations. So how can we power through this distrust to reach constructive agreements? […]

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